with two perspectives, you can see more than one,
just as eyes guide us with different minds.
some parts are often a little bit fuzzy.

a circle, a square, what gives us a chance to be aware,
is more of our methods and choices made (even if we're unawares).
like two eyes staring at the same painting of stairs.

art is a gathering, or those who love everything,
even what is not interesting, until then it becomes interesting.
take just a single step, believe in your own choices made for love,

and like two eyes, seeking truth in our own lives,
think of their futures and choices unmade,
with love in mind,

given a chance to understand the mind of one blessed as so,
who shared nothing as much as his hope,
that truthiness and unlimited dedication for his mope,

who'd believe an untethered? What choices must he be endured,
as one who was most trusted,
and cherished as something'd,

suddenly keep doodling.