do aliens dream of humanoid sheep on their cloud-less worlds? - on earth, people often will fight. but time and again, we've grown up alot, and cleaned up our contracts thus saving our world. Visuals include a man on a planet passing a message that says 'sup' to another on Mercury. he doesn't throw it straight because that could be interpreted as a threat, but rather in a wave-like pattern that is easier to intercept / analyze. a viewer from another (unlabeled) planet watches with binoculars, while a moon and a satellite orbit the first man's planet. the moon queries about the lunar lander, and the planet-man replies with a picture of glasses. must seem kinda rude... sorry, didn't mean to offend any blind people in the audience. anyway it's agreed that a research agreement is in order, and tools are sent back and forth to understand one another's perspective. the crucial argument being the creation of a pyramidal prism, with two or more points aiming at another to get additional perspectives on it.