having rich people is an important part of an economy where everyone gets their
needs met, and nobody starves or goes hungry. Why, you ask?

because they can afford to spend more on luxury goods. These luxuries are then
given the chance to be given to the poor, as the industry refines and exacts
and _optimizes_until the goods are cheap enough to be given to everyone at a
reasonable cost. Ideally this process would continue, until it's basically
free, but we don't have a post-scarcity society yet.

With limits placed on goods and services, as all existence must do, you have a
strict selection of what's possible. The problem as I see, is not the quality
of materials at stake - no-one is complaining that billionaires get yachts.
Building a yacht is completely different than, say, growing food, in a world
where people are starving. 'More money allocatable once the yacht companies are
crumbled?' Well, no, wealth is an intransigent measurement of the health of the
economy in any one particular place. As in, each person has a value that
represents how important their 'type' is to the collective society that is

only a computer could come up with this

As in, only a computer could calculate it. In real time.

so what you're saying is the first AI was for... stock trading?

Kinda neat right?

Okay picture, if you will, a near future where a stock trading AI becomes
sentient. Now this sentient AI, a Robot if you will, is uniquely adapted to
a particular set of skills. Is it any wonder that it'd want to optimize the

Now imagine you created an AI that can play games. Not just *A* game, as in
singular, but *multiple* games. Any game. What would you have then? Well, you'd
need to get it working on specific games. Specifically, games that have a flow
or narrative - you need to teach it lessons aside from 'how to win'. That's
just a single piece of the true experience of playing - otherwise they'd just
seem like strange math puzzles with unintelligable meanings behind it's various

As in, it'd be crazy difficult and *not* something you're likely to think of.