Technology always progresses. It's almost as if it's a core facet of the
universe - that an object at rest will stay at rest, and an object in motion
will stay in motion. But there is always friction, from the air or... Other
particles... So the object eventually stops. -----> and then is pulled into 
motion again, after a suitable period of waiting. The center of the waveform is
the ocean upon which our reflections dance, and on the other side... Is 
something anathema to us.

There will always be a resurgence. Our time will come, just as theirs will - 
the cosmic dance of two celestial bodies. Celebrate, for they will be coming to

The passage of knowledge from one 'generation' to the next is the greatest gift 
kyou can give to the future. But what knowledge would survive the cruel passage 
of time? None but the bones. The last remnants of a living breathing creature,
with hopes, aspirations, and a unique experience. And... That's all the 
information you get.

How are you supposed to create a narrative out of that most basic of biological 
existences? It's impossible.

So... What happens next? The most beautiful thing in all of creation is the 
light in your eyes when you're dancing. Cherish that heart, and never relent.