hello down there
how's it hangin'?

been a while since
you've been sang-in'.

got something to hide?
or are you too ashamed?

there's no callous curses
or otherwise hard services

who can shape and compare to
deserve-us. (Sorrowful is not

a pillar of our misbegot trust
and longing has broken meanings.

cherish thine hair, a smattering
beyond compare, and learn everfar

of those tenembrarious of conflicts
it pays to align to our sibilancings

shivering heights and towering frights
condemn all sense of fine desperation

compulsions have we, of our fineries,
but moss and the soil do flatter-us

it's not as they say - bastards!
it's not confined to our way,

yet who are we to profess?
confess! tell us your way

that none may beyold it
confounded as they are

civil and kind to our
   star, who holds