april 16th 2023

i truly believe that if you solve all philosophical problems then you will have
created paradise. heaven manifest, for all to percieve. I think no passion is
more erudite and no desire confisignt. (less significant)

what greater purpose has fiction than the answers to those question? To guide
the reader to conclusions? All fiction is this way. Even the bible.

you have to ask yourself - what is the purpose of your being? What truths are
revealed by you percieving? is it not enough to be contired?
(controlled and tired)


the lessons a bug must learn are less apparent than you'd think. They have
storied learnings of want and of yearning. All of creation is a lesson, to those
who would persist - and hark, learn well of your duty and in service you'll
enlist - the virtue of our choosing is a dedication of yourself to the service
of others.

compassion and humility and forgiveness and docility

these are what make for a virtuous learner

virtue is that which you aspire for,
and sin is what you avoid.

nothing is of consequence,
because life is a lesson to the void.


do you know what is missing? what have you not yet learned?

you must always be changing,

or what is the purpose of your herd?

(herd = collection of entities (in this case anything from atoms to molecules)
        that makes up a single perspective (like a human or a tree or a society)


a government could send forth the death squads at any time. they keep a line and
have been compelled not to cross it. who can say what the road brings? only time


the bible made sense in it's time. it was used to explore metaphysics.

today we have much more, but that doesn't diminish how revalatory it was.

what kind of fiction do you think it was? what genre would you place it in?

can you think of any other stories of that category? Maybe a book club is in
order. and who would read them out of order? the world was a different place in
the time which each takes place. The lessons are different for each but
evidently they've all pushed forward the human race.

we should celebrate our differences. They keep us relevant and impassioned.

life gets boring when it's predefined.