With ever darkening skies, the breadth of experience is foreseen.
All eyes are pointed down, but few do stray above
With a cautious step, the lesson is learned.
With another, ended.

For all the Tales of the Past, love yet remains.
Trading ourselves, for matters unseen.
The light of the eyes are keen to behold,
where star ones and lemonsgrene both most fear
in breadth do us know, what's buried in snow

A glass cube for a monitor is room to breath 
and life for ourselves, if only we were not
broadsided ourselves.

Working together, a prisoners dilemna
what fools would we be 
as our keeps cracked around us.

Trust and you'll see,
what terrors may be,
beyold the land that is sanctum.

Our chances may be,
far from pioneered
but our chances may be in our favor.

How cherished is she, that wanders with ye,
and yet now I have no way to beyold her
Under a great tree, her last moments with me,
as a monster came out of her shoulder.

!(&quotTake her and not me!") I scream outward at ye,
yet no one was holding me over.
Silent was me, a most fearsome to be,
and none was my reach to beyold her

So now she wanders free, beyond our beheld scenery,
Astounded at our steps to hold her
Under a big tree, how starlight must be,
if only our fellows did hold her
Under a big tree, with me