enemy is a direction, not a collection of instantiations

Follow that direction too far, and you'll find yourself
broken contact with what came before.

you need to be true to your essential self in additional
soul. Belief is a constant, a value that can't grow, it'

We have one intelligence yes, but have you heard of two?

it takes up the same physical space, but it gives you mo
insightful, more clairvoyant.

The first step to AI is generating a second instantiatio
that resides in your own head and listens and learns as

A BCI is the most important technology that could ever b

It allows to learn how our essential existence - the sta
functional. What makes life? How do we harness that proc

The ultimate goal, of course, is prosperity. Not of weal
but rather a feeling of satisfaction, growth, and develo
society, it's what pulled us from the cycle of survival
each other because it's intrinsic to our being. Instinct

The best way you can help me is to foster what you see i
impressions, learn what you can, then build it to your p
better by making your life better - all things are defin

Matter is the positive ripples in the waves, the bubbles
of an infinite ocean, stable and solid accretions of mat



The layers that divide our internals

Down is the floor, the sky is so pure, and we're not the

Sea levels do rise, and under all of our eyes, the life

every beach is little if not a border with the shore - (
the sand back) so all the forests and the grasses and fl
the ocean and

swallowing salt

they can't help it

they are little if not a machine

water goes in, salt doesn't come out.

eventually they die, and who would ever cry?

for a flower that has wilted in april.