You are the most beautiful thing I can imagine.
To see you is to know you, but to talk is to...

Communication is the essence of connection
A dream we create for ourselves

While we are constrained by false limitation
a message is able to be felt.

But how to convey such a thought pattern as that?
A meaning beyond any established protocols?

Art is the solution, and poems are their charms
Music is quite liberating and knitting is fun,

songs sung in great exhultation and
warriors who just like to play along

crafts are the method of healing your
wounded and worn soul,

and hey, now, what's prison but torture?
Why punish people who've maken mistakes?

They improve, when, taught to express themselves
So why, hurt, their family who had taken no part?

And why, can I, continue to fuck up and never be hurt?
What purpose is there in criminalizing our growth?

It's not, fair, that I should be fair
When I'd, want, to have her short hair.

Tell me what's, wrong, with being along?
No friends, to, have and hold onto

communication is the essence of our unification
Without cooperation, we are a failed nation.