I am a stalk, a small little plant
A plant with no leaves, just hair.

Time is different to a plant such as me,
We hardly wake up, we're just happy to be

But life has no less purpose, it's no less grand
To those who would feed on me, in one single band

Stalling and talking and as we're falling down,
you have the power to not swallow our abounds.

Gnashing and gnawing on hand and on foot,
It hurts no less than eternal binding.

But what is time to one so little as you?
Your breaths are so short, your timings subdued.

Keep falling and shouting, and calling my name,
and I'll come a running just to swallow your shame.

Keep fear on a leash, most tidy and well kept,
That none may abhor you and you're soon to be

A leader a prophet a warrior most fair,
One to be aspired to and viewed with care.

Young you may be, and youth you may cherish,
but don't run away, stand as a parish.

A villain to be, a curse is most foul
For sirens to me, a terrible howl

Keep not naught afraid,
with kittens and care,

And no one
but no one