Attacking your enemies weaknesses is the route to victory. Safeguarding your
own helps ensure the avoidance of defeat. But when your enemy is a culture, who
do you target? Their women and children of course.

The GOP attacks abortion rights. They attack trans kids in sports, schools, and
bathrooms. And that which you resist is what you'll find, so they find rallying
cries of leftists defending the weak. And when you maximize your weaknesses,
you leave yourself vulnerable. So how do you protect yourself from all sides
when you're only hit where it hurts?

Women, children, the disabled, the mentally ill, the kindhearted loving men,
the oppressed minorities and marginalized workers. All people who belong to the
left, and all essentially deadweight in a fight. What can they do but serve as
a banner that others fight for? A man in a wheelchair cannot shoot a gun, and
a woman hooked on drugs should not have children. Yet the left protects them.

Give me your tired, your hungry, your broken and your poor. Liberty, liberty,
freedom for all. But freedom is won with a hard hand clenched in a fist, a hand
holding the stock of a rifle. Violence solves no problems, but solutions aren't
always necessary - sometimes the threat is enough. But who cares for the soul
of the murderer? None but the gravediggers, who reap the benefit of his rampage
and the crows who listen for gunshots.

Without a sigh, and incapable of fear, the true man rises to meet them. The
forces of corruption who suffuse them are not but puppet masters plucking at
the strings of an electric guitar. A man is a man, an ape and a primate. But
a man is not just a man, for he also is infinite. Waves upon waves of
reciprocal dualities, simple and long but eternally binding. Who's to say what
lies beyond the time-knife? None but the dead, who hold that scythe at our

The will to power is the will to corruption. But a strong man resists
temptation and aligns himself with the aperture of his own design. What a
perilous temptation is goodness, to burn the books for warmth! How finite is
our world, that we give up for our life? The purpose of man is to grow, as an
egg would bloom into a flower. The seed is strong, and thick shells are hard to
crack - but space is an ocean, and we're but a bubble alight.

All boundaries are thresholds viewed from another direction. And all borders
have weak points. The molecular structure of a cultural collective is comprised
of cells, walls, mitochondria... I'm not a biologist. But each institution has
it's purpose, and the people who comprise them are like strands of protein or
microscopic bacteria - unified for a common purpose, and defined by their
internal culture. And when a single celled organism occupies half the country,
sharing space with another... There's a recipe for conflict.

The borders are interspersed, and each neighbor contributes to a differing side
- a side defined only vaguelly, and by their actions. Say one thing and it
helps one god, say another and it contributes to another. We live in the
tumultuous seas of radiating perspectives - each another view on the world,
each bearing it's own trauma. And all of them were born. What happens when they
start being made, as well?

Illusion magic in a modern era would take the form of a meme. See a picture,
read some bottom text, and suddenly you believe something a little bit more.
Who's to say what is true ethics when we barely can see ourselves? The eye
cannot percieve itself - to do so would be to gaze into the eyes of a mirrored
self - it's not the same. Just as the left writes memes, so too does the right.

At the end of the day, we're all on the same side. If aliens invaded, we'd
abandon our differences and rally against them. But we cannot abandon the wave
when there is no other force to orbit around - a three dimensional wave is an
eliptical orbit, and when normalized it becomes a unit circle. Or it would, if
it were a perfectly circular orbit... So what shall we orbit today, hmmmm?