if i could define these things in words, do you think i would have resorted to pictures? my stick figures are not that great. anyway, here's a meagre description: 7-2-21, following on from thinkin-bout-sets. first we have an illustration of a gravity well between earth and the sun. a representation of a man gazing at the star within a cylinder - as a two dimensional being would be, so too are we, but pillars of light cast be-fore us. third picture is of gravity warping through higher dimensions - xyz becomes abc. like tiers on a ladder they climb before us, and endlessly whorl without b-lind trust.
      7-26-21, description of enchantment magic. the power of artifice is strong in man, yet we only make memes? what's that about? anyway. when you think about *something*, it could be *anything*, your thoughts radiate outward from your mind towards what it finds to define. then, connections abound of thine own design, make journeys between they're solders. like circuits are we, collections of loose machinery, whose sight is confined to our borders.