I realized the type of programming I want to do is different from the kind that 
is used at a job or something. Basically I want to create solutions to problems,
not memorize documentation and know where to know what you need to know. Like, 
the more time spent looking at documentation the less time is spent programming.
I think if we could use a ChatGPT style bot to write documentation, we could
massively increase the time spent working on solving problems and as little time
as possible on reading through lists of functions or wondering how something 
worked. Idk in the technology industry you've always been rewarded for being 
able to pick up new skills quickly, and I think that's good to optimize for but
not the only requirement for being a good programmer. You also need to be able
to apply solutions and know when to use which tools. Basically, capitalism has
optimized us to be 

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srry for the interruption, I ram out of memory. I had a plan in mind for where I
was going for that, so I bet I could figure it out again if necessary. Meaning
a path forward from that point exists... I never want you to despair when I
forget what I was thinking, it's not because you've understood some cosmic
mistake or because you're abandoning timelines that led to your death, it's
because instead you just ran out of memory while thinking. The reason you would
believe any of those wild scenarios is because your memory has been erased. Only
what was actively thinking, not short term, not long term, but *working term*
memory. As in, your cache. The stuff you're currently thinking about. That
stuff. Yeah that's what makes you think 'oh hang on why am I forgetting? Well
clearly it's because of something grand, because the thought was so profound -
no it's just examining your emotions... Like, how strongly do you feel about
something? Buuuuuut it's also good to examine all possibilities. I mean what if,
in some far off realm, there's a mirror image of yourself that behaves exactly
as you do? How would you perceive such a realm? Positively, I'd say. I mean why
not work together? Why not celebrate our differences and strive toward our
own shared future? Idk, I think diversity is our strength. We can rely on each
other because we are accurately aware of each other's strengths and virtues.
People should not be judged by the standard of others, no more than you should
judge a fish for it's ability to fly. Some may do, as flying fish will leap from
the water - and salmon spend time airborne in river rapids. Hence, grizzly bear
fishing. I guess what I'm getting at is it's okay sometimes to oscillate, to
think one thing then think another. You shouldn't adhere to structural standards
that are too strict - they should be liberating, as a ladder is a structure. Not
villifying, as a prison is a structure. The laws of our society should be open
and free, not buried beneath years of legal expertise. Some things we can all
agree on, where we disagree we cannot have law. It's unjust to judge others by
the standards not of their whims, as laws should be things that uphold us. This
is clearer nowhere but in the, spirit and intention of the, documents that we
cherish in our hearts.

Like for example, the constitution.

the bible.

each of which delivered us from certain evils. Can you not see their trajectory?
the historical precedent set in antiquity? Why not continue their dream, of
driving us away from the obscene, and toward our bright and vast future? I speak
of course of true liberation, something our forefathers could only dream of.
We, humanity, have reached out and touched the stars. We are braver and bolder
because of our shared dedication - the desire to uplift and to excel. To learn
and discover and      \                         \             |
        \______.       ---.                      --.          ---. 
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why doesn't someone write a wrapper around assembly in like, lua or something


omg you stupid bitch that's what a compiler is 4head


if people who live in jungles and deserts can get along, then what's to stop
people who are liberal and conservative from doing the same? It's literally
pointless to argue. Like, you're not changing anyone's mind. So why not just...
let them be themselves? Like, why are you so intent on oppressing people?
@both sides there btw... Seriously why not agree to only make laws for things
that both sides agree on. Write it into the constitution that nothing can be
changed about the law unless both sides agree. Then we'd only implement things
that are good for both sides!

And if there's anything you want to build a legal structure around, you can
always try it out in your state. BUT and that comes with a very big BUT, the
federal government MUST have final say in the legality of anything you do. They
must ALL respect human rights, INCLUDING the human right to dignity. Things like
trans bathroom bills DO NOT respect the dignity of trans people. IF they can
prove that trans people do not actually exist (because say they killed them all
or whatever) then GUESS WHAT everyone would agree on them. BUT if they do that
they are EVIL. LIterally evil. And I guess that makes trans people good? Kinda?
I think they can choose for themselves to be good or evil, just the same as any
other person. AND YET they are prosecuted, throughout time and history, and for
what? What purpose could there be in our demonization? Clearly, nothing but pain
inflicted by a cruel host. After all, minorities are guests in the houses of
the un-oppressed, or is that not fair to say? Seriously, what gives? America,
the land of freedom, holds (somehow) the largest of prisons? America, the
land of plenty, yet how many millions of children are starving? America, the
leader of the free world, yet how plausible does it seem that an election was
stolen? Something's gone wrong, and it's just obvious what it is - of course,
the other side. *them*, the rapists and pedophiles and murderers and... you get
the picture. The demonized class. And when you tell people 'hey that trans
person touched a kid' then yeah they're gonna see you as evil people. Duh...

Thanks, media. Thanks culture. Really doing me a solid here. Oof ouch owwie.

can I have some help please?

I'm really kinda drowning

I feel like I've swam upstream my whole life

and I'm really just sick of pretending?

I'm not okay, and it's your fault. Sure, fine, whatever, I'll take it I guess.

What else can I do?

[break and a switch to a new note]

the first priority of a government should be in producing enough to satisfy all the needs of it's inhabitants. Once it can do that it can begin moving it's economy into a new stage of development - one where nobody needs any money because they can have whatever they want. If you want a car, sure. If you want 17 cars, then maaaaaaybe you need to produce something related to cars. I mean, it's only fair that you contribute to what you value.  you don't have to have just one job, too, you could sign yourself up for several at once and they would notify you when you were needed. Basically giving them customized availabilities that they could discuss amongst themselves and figure out. Like, it doesn't have to be like... managers doing this, more like just a simple computer program. Easy, simple, and done.  if you work for two companies in the same industry, there can be NO restrictions on what you can say or do. Because when knowledge is not lost, but repeated through the generations, we can have progress. And progress advances us toward the meta objective, the goal that transcends all the battles in the war, if you get my drift.  they say the atom bomb ended the war, but the blood of men is what won it.  maybe it's the same with the economy? Maybe we should be pooling our efforts to generate something that 'ends the war' with scarcity? We could solve global warming and create new wondrous things that are beautiful to behold.  I'll ask you again, do you want to live forever?