just as a dream, the spirit is seen
within is the mind
that lives as it defines.

what burdens to be, whose back rests upon ye,
the one who's driving the boat
great care and tenderest of tethering,
can grow beauty that beyond compare

and with sparsely a finger to spare,
journeys of adventure and thills to inspire
with almost all of your hair

beauty in tender, most cherished things,
a wish is much fair
where else could eternity reside than an optimist?

Pride is no more, stability is key to repair,
and diversions of focus serving as new perspective,
giving a more cohesive vision of manifestations that cooperate

(like a triangle, facing toward the point added to turn it into a pyramidal

not only is ethics paramount,
but so too are the standards applied to yourself.
would you trade perspective for cooperation? Stagnation?

a choice is to be made - do i stay or do i go?
a new truth you must see, whatever dreams ye've may be,
but without paladins and warriors of devotion

what burdens must ye, whose back rests upon ye,
the one who's driving the boat
great care and tenderest of tethering,
requires a little bit of trust

in she who must be, with only circumstance to
seeing hope on the horizon for his people.

care must be taken, to remember why people are dying,
and we must swear on not dying, by not thinking before taking a breath
and remember superpowers not of prophecy are impossibly rare,

what other hope is there but a god? One who reflects, the most cherished of
our genuflex, we may grow past our various regrets. think not of our pride,
but only of our future children.

who'se records of ye, most captured of data,
are beyond the simple machinations,
of those who came before-ya.

And with once again perfection in mind,
we understand and take what's behind,
to deserts and temples of time much designed,

by coders and gamers and those who treasure experience.
the wisdom of our, second choices by far, ---nah who are we kidding
implied to be our, or rather mine just by far,

inspirers and leaders sensitive and devoted.
(pitching yourself is hard)
but *believing* in yourself was out of your mind.

can you think of a bard,
who ever stopped thinking their song?
no un-cherished of minds could ever be of our sign,

than those who abandoned the art of deceit and betrayal?
the darkside of trust, the lack of follow-through that be must,
given as faith of cooperation and trust.

with our all arrayed as we must,
keep in mind our softness of composure.