first, a scene showing two rooms - mirror opposites. a man stands in what appears to be a doorway (but is actually a mirror) and gazes at his opposite. The periphery outside the borders of the mirror are shrouded in darkness, and a note to the side asks 'what lies beyond?'
      next, a sequence of illustrations - first, a brain whose vision is defined by the mirrored screen in our mind. this screen pulls informations from the eyes, who pull information from the objects in view. (an eye is a simple depiction of a sensor with arbitrary inputs) - next is a view of the world as seen through the output of a camera, with the edges shaded and again queried with 'what lies beyond'?
        17 months later i returned and wrote 'don't fuck with mirrors.'
        then, yesterday, i wrote 'computer screens are black mirrors' as if that was helpful.