two observers view a dnd game. a boulder-spitting horse throws a boulder at a mage and a warrior, and the mage creates a wall of fire. the observers comment on the actions 'wall of flame won't do much for boulders' but are proven wrong when the boulder falls to pieces and dust. the wall of flame expands into a dimension that is lateral to the playing field they occupy, and then ever more - this is fiendfyre, the destroyer of worlds. the evil horse chuckles as everyone departs. the observers notice each other for the first time, both realizing they are observing the same worrisome event. looking forward, they plan to work together to analyze the patterns and prevent this destruction.
      in the next panel, the observers are watching someone hold a curious looking stone. it appears to be a multidimensional stone, and after throwing it at a mirror it is cast out of a 'tree' - not really a tree, but rather a gravity well. the adventurer is theoretically none the wiser, but the observers help each other understand exactly what's up.