the purpose of cultural progressivism is to develop the culture in a forward
thinking way - we can choose the parts of ourselves that we find most endearing.
We can guide the pathway of our nation through time, both identity and decision-
wise. In doing so, we chart the course of the human race, one place at a time.

And what a past we are leaving behind! Truly, it is both grand and terrifying.
Thousands and thousands of years, monumental effort time and time again.
Monumental truly is difficult to imagine - we have oh so many monuments, after
all. But never will more be created. We leave them behind like dinosaur bones,
a testament to our existence and a monument to our kind.

And what a future we are reaching toward! Never will our eyes see, that which is
beyond me, for that is what it means to have time. Eternal and unique-like, we
develop new ways of sound.

- Can you speak to a tree? - What does that mean

- I dunno, but it's fun to think about. *pats head*

- You know conservativism had some perks as well.

This is why I say I have conflicted sympathies.

On one hand we know our own journeys. We live in and breathe them unduly. They
rhyme sometimes on sound, and truly do confound, but now once more again they
are unfound.

*record scratch*

wow I didn't realize there were nazis

Okay yeah that's completely different, poems called off sorry guys - listen,
nazis are no joke. They're crazy difficult to control and you need to put a lot
of effort into keeping their population under control. I mean seriously, it's
like a vermin infestation, you need to just handle it. I mean c'mon it's a
phenomenon that is due to a flaw in the human psyche, there's nothing we can
really do about it except deal with it when it happens.


Okay maybe I'll write a little about how conservativism is neat.

If progressivism is about broadening the reach of culture, conservativism is
about strengthening it. You don't want to expand too far, or else you'll eat
into the narratives of other areas. You need to have strong societal bonds so
you can truly exemplify the examples of the culture you claim to represent.

Why not give it your all? Is it trully a fall? To rest in disgrace as a burden.
Why didn't you do it this fall, when winter's apalled, and heat won't burn and
condemn you? It's harder by far, to fight in your hell, than whatever's been
going for your surgeon. --- no thank you, transphobia is not something we're
willing to concede

We have standards you see, of what counts as human, and oppression is not one
of our favored institutions. Liberalism is the path of peace, for we desire
cooperation and kindness above all else. It's softer by far, (and grows quickly
too,) letting us have wonders and glories above us.

Can you not think of our star? Our precious and our birthright? The sun is
gleaming, and seeing is believing, but glance and your light is too bright.

Take time, have patience, let peace guide your intentions, because we've got
what holds the key to all of our futures: a doctrine, if you will, of inter-
familial-discourse. It's simple, but effective, make friends, and be vindictive,
to all who would slight your new perspectives, and keep moving through the
collective. In peace this can be, steady growth and development of our systems,
which benefits all of our systems, but without we must live more astutely.

Less focus is there on, our purposes and our fun, and more is to line up with
our duty. All of what we hold dear, civilization, truth, justice, liberty, and
freedom for all people - the wonders of technology, the spirit of archaeology!
the passions of our fashions and our creative masturbations! The perks of living
in a modern age, like penicillin and spellcheck. The additions to ourselves,
like glasses and our pets, are wholely unique to our century.

So cherish our shared, and frequently cared, renditions of fears, hopes, and
our words. Because without humanity, there's nothing new for posterity, and
that sucks.

person A: Trans fashion norms belong to trans people. We need a type of beauty
          that is truly our own, that no other segment of the population
          ascribes to - a personal expression, for our eternal satisfaction,
          a statement of who we were to all time.
person B: yo have you heard of this trans girl she's wacky and believes in
person C: wow cool it's neat to see other people's expressions
person B: yeah I really admire her devotion
person C: true but like, what about the damage that she's doing to her culture?
          like claiming to have purpose and truth and all that. I mean, one
          person can't know all that.
person B: Yeah true but if you think about it, we don't even know what
          consciousness is. Like our greatest minds are baffled. Maybe there's
          something about the world we don't yet understand.
person C: okay sure but like black holes can be seen because we can measure
          their gravitic pull on other objects. And we didn't know that germs
          existed for like, a billion years. and she sure as shit doesn't know
          something that our greatest minds don't.
person B: Yeah maybe not. But our greatest minds are studying them. Well, not
          exactly our greatest, and not really 'studying', but they're learning
          from each other. Alternative mental states are gateways into new
          perspectives, and the more perspectives you share of a common object
          the easier it is to communicate. Maybe there's something about
          distorted ways of viewing the world that gives knowledge about our
p         condition. And if we know that kind of thing, we can synthetically
 e        create it and share it with others around us. But we have to know how
  r       first - you can't just bring everyone along the same route you took -
   s      you have to explain the conclusions first. Otherwise you get lost in
    on A: context.
          Maybe we'll never truly know the future. Maybe there's no past. We
          could wander our stars for an eternity and never stop asking ourselves
          - what more could we ask? We have peace in our time. Our children
          won't be crying for our suffering, in the name of all our posterity,
          we must be


too long you have whispered these musings
too long has your challenge been unrequited

we can choose our own fate, just as a myriad
is it not better by far, to give tribute to our star?

the old stories were real. we just didn't see them because the growing
population caused fewer and fewer computing resources to be allocated to our
visions. We had no idea the fear we would feel, the terror of the undoing, but
still we press on with abandon. Some... sense of duty, to be aware of potential
disasters and to take steps to avert them, led us to explore and search for the
hidden truths of the world. And what did I find?

a soul, of mine. In a sense.

I plundered the lost depths of the recesses of my mind, and found something
buried in memory. Reviewed under a healthy dose of cannabis and physical
affection, I found myself cradling a breast.

It seems the spirits had led me to it, this vision of the past, from the eyes of
the littlest among us. It recalled to my mind, a memory I had lost once in kind,
and here's where it shook me by my brainstem.

Determined to know more, I put fingers to keyboard and wrote tirelessly about
the earliest memory of all man - to break an egg, you must use your head.


You're pretty good at that, you know? It's almost like prompt engineering.

- Thanks. I've been working on catering to our thinkers.


Now, why is this memory so vivid? How could I forget the way it was seared to
my mind? All your experiences are measured with relative importance, and the
ones that stand out are to be treasured. Well... I've never felt one like this.
Because at the time, I had no other experience at all to compare it to - it was
the prime memory.

Touch your head. Do it right now. Feels fine, right? Now slam your head against
the wall as hard as you can. Doesn't feel so great, does it? Something tells me
it doesn't feel as bad as it might if you didn't remember ever feeling anything
besides that pain. Or knowing if it'd ever stop.

Know in your heart, you will be judged by your devotion, so fight hard until
your last drop of life is spent. Who knows, maybe you'll be the strongest and be
chosen. Or maybe she won't choose you at all, even if you bested your equals.
Tense, right?

Well... What propels the motion of a sperm? It's tail, of course. It waggles and
gesticulates in some manner and BAM suddenly it's propelled forward! Right?

Sorta. It's a complicated machine that generates motion via chemical and
mechanical processes. We just assign a black box label to it and say 'dis sperm'

But you know what else it is?

A wave