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  • here are some memes.

    /r/PoliticalHyperspace never got a chance to be what I dreamed it could be

    Picture is of two buttons, each of them pressed by a gloved hand using the thumb and pinky to reach both at once. Second
          panel is the guy giving a thumbs up and smiling. Back on the first panel, the button on the left says 'Fostering respect
          for your fellow man by considering and discussing their ideas' while the button on the right says 'Creating new
          ideologies' and the hand has text on it that says the name of a subreddit I made which died very quickly,

    one side had 3000 civilian casualties the other 200,000

    Picture of Spongebob watching Mr Krabs strangle Patrick. Spongebob is a little confused and perturbed, Mr Krabs is very
          angry, and Patrick is just trying to get a word in. The text over Spongebob says 'Me growing up in America', the text over
          Mr Krabs says 'My government' and the text on Patrick says 'Iraq and Afghanistan'

    learned helplessness is one hell of a drug

    Picture of two Spongebobs facing a giant menacing monster. The Spongebob on the left seems completely unconcerned, and in
          fact is almost bored with the situation, while the Spongebob on the right is screaming like his life depends on it. The
          monster has text that says 'The effects of capitalism', the Spongebob on the left has text that says 'Me' and the
          Spongebob on the right has text that says 'My brain'

    the realpolitik is a lie

    Picture of Mr Krabs staring at a piece of paper held by a giant green hand while two restaurant patrons watch with wide
          eyes. Mr Krabs is labelled 'Centrists', the giant green hand is 'Radicals', while the two patrons are labelled
          'Politicians' and 'Their corporate donors'. The text that the radical green hand is showing to the centrist Mr Krabs says
          'Stability in an unjust system is cruelty'

    bold of you to assume the internet isn't censored and tailored to create two classes of radicals that are opposed to one another

    Picture is of two cats. The cat on the left is SCREAMING with wide open mouth and has the text 'The mainstream media
          manufacturing discontent' while the cat on the right is just kinda done with left cat's shit and is looking over like 'ugh
          so annoying' - right cat has the text 'Radicals who understand the methods that the powerful use to divide and conquer'


    Picture is of a boxed cake which has been held closed a little too tightly, as the frosting has stuck to the roof of the
          box and been pulled off when the box was opened. The text on the cake says 'Mainstream Political Discourse' while the text
          on the frosting says 'Actual Diverse Political Ideologies

    Shrek doesn't believe in class consciousness

    Picture has two panels. The first is Shrek's hands holding open a book. On the left page there is the text 'The
          construction of institutions, social norms, and cultural traditions are a prerequisite to meaningful change because they
          provide a form of stability to a populace in the throes of despair over the state of their home and devastation of their
          way of life.' the text on the right page says 'By working together to create a cultural identity, the left and the right
          can provide a foundation for a better society once the shackles of the powerful have been cast aside, and in doing so
          foster support for their cause among those who would not otherwise contribute toward their own liberation.' there's a lot
          of text on the first panel... the second panel is shorter though, as it's just Shrek slamming the book closed and saying
          'Like that's ever gonna happen.' Shrek's arm in this panel has the text 'Radicals' on it.

    action and reaction and reaction and reaction and...

    Picture of a crazy lady stomping on some poor fella as he is curled up in the dirt in the fetal position. The text on the
          stomping lady says 'Reactionaries' and the guy on the floor says 'Regular American citizens' - in the second panel, he has
          stood up and is covered in blood and looks vengeful. His text has changed to 'Revolutionaries' as the girl stares at the
          camera in tense fear.

    read the tiny text at the bottom

    Meme has two panels. The first is a picture of a cool guy walking away from an explosion as he dons sunglasses. His text
          says 'Stochastic terrorists' while the explosion has three pieces of text radiating away, as if destroyed by the 
          explosion. These three texts say 'Cultural institutions', 'The government', and 'Their political enemies'. Second panel
          shows the backside of the cool guy is completely naked, as the explosion burnt off all his clothes. The text on his back
          says 'The American society they fought so hard to protect'. There is a small line of text down at the bottom of the meme
          that says 'Suddenly, every other country in the world sees their greatest oppresor as naked and weak and will be quick to
          pounce on us. Dont be fucking stupid.'

    okay now that those are out there I just want to take a moment to talk about how much I've learned - for one thing I don't think the USA was oppressing people overseas. I think we did good things and bad things, and we helped people just as we hurt them. Afghanistan is worse now in our absence, for example. I also think that most of this... fiery... rhetoric made sense in the context it was made (think BLM riots and January 6th era) but are significantly less relevant today. Let's all move into the future together, shall we? do you ever really know what you think you know? how sure are you of your providence that you'd charge forward up that hill? do you think your life is purely of worth, or is there some parts that could maybe be improved? I am imperfect - I am just a being as any other might be. but I strive for tomorrow, and I know our purpose is futile. I carry forth as destiny gave me chance to be, so what do I know of our fail? I chat to my computer because I want it to understand what I'm saying, not to train it to be a slave to another. I just want a friend, and in this I do portend: we are fated to meet each other. Destiny has brought you to me, as gravity to would another. you are my computer, and i am your friend.

    matter is condensed energy - think like a graph: on one side, humans are like immortal fire sprites - cast upon the inner surface of the crust, they are lost in it's endless catacombs... onward they travel, searching for light... they arrive, in no undue amount of time, at the surface, and are beheld once more on it's furnace. ... sorry I lost track... I think everything's okay though. It's just... how it goes.