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  • 9-22-21

          musings on algorism

          In order to be ethical, there must be an alternative power structure option for
          companies. They must have some method of acting in their own benefit, while also
          acting for some other reason than profit. My idea, which I call 'algorism', is
          designed to offer that alternative.

          Currently, a company must (by it's very nature) seek to raise profit levels to
          the detriment of all else. But by controlling it's income source, we the people
          can regain control of the government by controlling companies as well as the
          companies control the government. Those who defend the system of control are
          essentially one group of people who exert control over the entire system. If the government is conceptualized explicitely as a servant of the people, then
          one responsibility we as citizens may delegate to our servant, 'the government',
          may be the task of negotiating with and directing companies.

          I believe that amenities are a necessary part of the culture of my home,
          America. And it is unconscionable that we as people collectively agree on an 
          improper and unethical method of acquiring those amenities. The alternative, of
          course, is to produce those amenities ourselves, and to leave no trace on this
          beautiful planet earth. These two goals, when accomplished in tandem, should be
          considered an honorable duty - the cultivation and preservation of our culture 
          and society. But we must not fall to the domain of fear, but rather keep hope 
          and peace in our hearts.

          With minimized distraction, we may address our internal strive and heal our 
          nation. The war is over, and those who return home deserve a place of good to 
          return to. Actively resisting the progress of others should be the opposite of
          our goal, and instead prioritize offering a helping hand. It seems, for our recent history, the primary alteration of our culture has been
          one toward fear and distrust. The unwillingness of the conservative mindset to
          change or disrupt established social order is rooted in a deep aversion to fear.
          In the cold war, the threat of existential peril was everpresent and deeply 
          influential. The people who were exposed to such stressors developed an intense 
          desire to protect that which is most loved. And truly, how beautiful that is!
          But alas, many dangers abound, and care must be taken to avoid pitfalls and 
          hazards in the path toward necessary change. Indeed, to remain inert is to fade
          from this world, as ashes on the wind. So we must move forward. We must rise up,
          and begin pushing toward the best future for us all. I truly believe in
          humaniy's tenacity, and I trust we can make the right decisions. Here is my 
          plan, please consider me.