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  • 7-26-2020

Education System

proficiency = box
skill = bubble

three styles:
   data     = things that have one right answer
             (like math, vocabulary, geography, physics, chemistry)
   paper    = things that you must argue or create
             (history, english, art, music, rhetoric)
   physical = things that you have to show or prove
             (fitness, trades, performance, biology)

Boxes are made up of bubbles. When you master a skill, it can apply to multiple
boxes. You are in charge of ticking off your own bubbles, the app is only for
tracking your progress. You technically don't even need it. If you want
proficiencies, you have to prove them using one or more of the three styles.
Attempts are graded differently depending on the style you use to prove them.

Data is proven by either taking standardized tests or creating reports.
Paper is proven by writing essays or giving lectures.
Physical is proven by giving performances or work study / volunteering.

When it is necessary to be graded, teachers will grade papers and presentations
and such. Data style attempts are very easy because they can just be scantrons.
Essays will be distributed to many teachers all over the country, and they will
be graded kinda like how captchas are scored - the majority opinion is correct.
Of course, it'll take a while for enough people to read it, so new papers will
be more likely to show up. Presentations and performances will be scheduled in
advance to ensure enough qualified judges can be present. If there aren't enough
then the algorithm will increase incentives for that specific kind of teacher.

Copies of papers and recordings of presentations are saved and always accessible

Each person will be assigned to 3 teachers and they will stay together for 6
years, cycling such that they get a new one every 2 years. They'll always have
one physical and one virtual teacher, and the third is random. These teachers
will grade their papers and act as guides and councillors. For each box, the kid
is graded by their 3 teachers and four randos. The teachers should be assigned
to kids with similar proficiencies, but if they lack the box the kid is proving
they'll be assigned an extra rando instead.