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          Alternative Wage System (Algorism)

          Currently, wages are ostensibly determined by the supply and demand of the 
          market. This obviously has it's downsides, as shown by the fact that the minimum
          wage is still 7-15$ depending on location. A better approach would be to tie the
          minimum wage to inflation, but I don't believe that goes far enough - the entire
          concept should be torn out and replaced with something mechanical that cannot be
          gamed or subverted by people it does not effect - consent is crucial to a
          functional society.

          Too mechanical and you wind up with a bureaucracy, and if the Soviet Union isn't
          a good enough case study in the flaws of a dominant bureaucracy I don't know
          what is. The mechanics should be more like a game, something adapted to the 
          humanity of play. Here's my ideas:

          Let supply and demand fill a role, just not as the final determiner of a 
          person's worth and value. Instead, have a centralized job board that all 
          employment goes through. The jobs are given weights according to local supply 
          and demand, and these weights are determined by the local community. See the 
          red book for an example of council communities.

          When a company posts a job opening, it shows up on the communal job board and is
          delivered to people who subscribe to that job title / category. It has certain
          characteristics such as calculated wage and location bias - encouraging people 
          to live near to their work by paying them more. The company that posted the 
          listing is committing to lower the wages of everyone in the same category, but 
          by doing so they are encouraged to be more productive. Management determines job
          openings for workers, workers for executives, and executives for management. 
          They all prosper when their companions are productive, so they naturally trend
          toward a healthy and ethical equilibrium in the workplace.